Community of Practice Registration – Virtual

Making Tomorrow Conference Communities of Practice (MTC-COP’s) will be offered virtually in multiple regions on Vancouver Island (Northern, Mid-Island and South-Island). We invite participants to join us as we prepare for the conference and get to know one another, and in our post-conference sessions to chat about our takeaways and the application of new skills in the workplace.

A COP is a group of professionals who share a concern or passion about a practice topic and who wish to learn how to improve this area of practice by communicating and collaborating with each other regularly over time. Communities of practice are examples of reflective practice and collaborative inquiry. In a community of practice, ECEs come together to discuss, learn and strategize ways in which to better understand or advance a shared passion as a group and as individuals in daily practice. The voices and perspectives of all members are reflected in the work of a community of practice.

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