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Due to unforseen circumstances, we have shifted our workshop presentations. The MTC and VICPA are thrilled to announce that our good friend and Early Year’s expert, Ana Valle Rivera, will be offering her workshop SUPPORTING CHILD AND FAMILY WELLNESS. Ana’s expertise beautifully rounds out our presentations this year. She will demonstrate the intrinsic value of ensuring our Early Year’s environments are welcoming and joyful for children and professionals, alike. WELCOME, ANA!


We can’t always know what adversity children and families have faced in the past or currently face in their daily lives. In this workshop, participants will be asked to think about a diversity of family dynamics, for example, newcomer, immigrant, refugee families and families who have experienced trauma, to think about how we support each of these families best. In this workshop, Ana shares experiences and anecdotes to support educators with understanding what trauma-informed care looks like in action as a caregiver. Throughout the workshop, participants will be asked to think with a pedagogy of humility to better support the children and families they work with.

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